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Appco Group projects global standards in direct marketing

Appco Group projects global standards of operation in five continents of the world, serving clients who have earned national and international recognition in diversified fields. With interests in sales and marketing, insurance, energy, financial services, high-tech security, field marketing and promotions, business process outsourcing is at its heights for the organisation.

Appco Group now has a presence on five continents and speaks to over one million people every day in more than 20 countries, 800 locations in 10 Group companies. The company estimates there are over 100,000 people worldwide every day that get connected to them in some way or the other to earn their livelihood.

Face-to-face sales and marketing is the major line of business that constantly takes the opportunity to position Appco Group as the largest company in the world. With the efficient services rendered to its renowned clients, it has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for many of the world’s leading charities, helped athletes attend the Olympic Games, delivered leading-edge pay TV and broadband services, instant consumer credit solutions, home security, more cost-effective mobile and landline phone calls through to reducing home energy bills and saving over 100 million litres of water with the world’s leading waterless car wash and wax product.

The company has achieved such tremendous results and over the last five years has been working hard to diversify into other businesses that complement its core expertise in the direct marketing arena. As a result, the team is building a diversified group of entrepreneurial companies all with a common theme of providing the people associated with the business a world of opportunity.

With better services, innovative products and the ability to make a difference in the world, Appco Group takes great effort to deliver the best results to its clients at global standards.